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College nights

Send push messages to high school counselors and faculty on your route to your campus.

Awareness programmes

Customise your app with your logo and colors to increase brand visibility.

Open houses

Provide campus maps, directories of campus contacts and more.

Staff Resource Directory

Guidebook allows admissions counselors to stay connected to their peers wherever they are.

Financial Resources

Add your financial aid info to spare parents from website searches; apps are preferred for phone browsing.

What can you do with an education app?

Conversation UI
Conversation Icon

Get the conversation started

An interactive social feed provides a central place for attendees to discover content and engage in lively discussions.

Notification UI
Notification Icon

Send instant push notifications

Deliver important updates to attendees' home screens, even if the app isn’t active.

Update Notification UI
Update Schedule UI
Update on the go

Update on the fly

Your schedules, interactive maps, and speaker lists can reflect up-to-the-minute changes.

Schedule UI
Feedback icon

Provide an up-­to­-date schedule

Keep students on track by allowing them to create personal schedules and to-do lists based on your full events calendar.

Campus UI
Revenue Icon

Showcase your campus story

Use an interactive self-guided tour to help students and visitors navigate campus, even when you’re not around.

Data UI
Data Icon

Put data to work

Learn about students’ preferences and behaviors by monitoring app usage.

Team UI
Team Icon

Invite your team

Collaborate with others on a single platform - no extra licenses or costs necessary.

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Top schools around the world use Guidebook

NC State's New Student Orientation App

Students are welcomed to NC State's campus with a wonderfully detailed orientation app. Their orientation app features:

  • Pictures and bios of orientation staff
  • Easy­-to­-follow schedules for freshmen, transfers and parents
  • Social media integration to stoke school spirit

University of Oregon's Mobile Campus Tour

Admissions staff provide prospective students an option to tour Oregon's campus at their own pace, while still getting the true student experience. Their campus tour app features:

  • GPS guidance to the next POI on campus
  • Audio narration in the words of a student ambassador
  • Customizable interest form captures students right when they’re most interested

The University of Illinois at Urbana-­Champaign's Career Fair App

Engineering Career Services dumped a printed program for an easy­-to­-distribute and update app. Their career fair app features:

  • Complete participant company listings with details and sorting
  • Prominent and valuable sponsorship opportunities
  • Students can self-curate a to-do list of desired employers

La Trobe University's Resident Services App

Residential services at La Trobe University in Australia afforded themselves a 24/7 communication channel directly to students. Their resident services app features:

  • Important contact information never more than a few clicks away
  • An up­-to-­date activities calendar informs students of social programming
  • Push messaging increases engagement and attendance at special events



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